Coronavirus Policy


Coronavirus Policy from September 2020

Updated 29th July 2020


From September 2020 I will be offering in-person lessons in my home.  These are the guidelines I will be following:



If you are feeling unwell, or any members of your household are isolating with symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend a lesson in person for 14 days.  I will be offering online lessons (via Zoom) as an alternative.

Contact me if you or someone in your household shows COVID-19 symptoms within 5 days after a lesson. I will contact you if one of my other students has reported to have symptoms after the lesson.


Hand washing/sanitising

A hand sanitising station will be set up at the entrance.  Please wash your hands thoroughly before coming into the house.  I’ll also have hand sanitiser readily available during every lesson.

I will sanitise the piano keys and all door handles between each lesson.  Please avoid touching anything else.


Arriving and departing

When you arrive, please ring the doorbell and wait.  I may be teaching when you arrive, so please be patient if it takes a little while for me to answer!

I will collect the student from the front door, and accompany them back again at the end of the lesson.

1 adult per student under 18 will be permitted to attend the lesson if required/preferred.  A chair will be set up next to the door to my music room, and it is requested that the adult refrains from moving around or touching anything


Room setup and equipment

Students are required to bring their own music and equipment to lessons – including a pencil and anything else needed for maintenance of the instrument (eg rosin for cellists).

The window will be open where possible to increase ventilation.


Piano lessons

I have 2 pianos set up in my teaching space – one for the student to use, and the other for myself.  These are spaced at a distance of more than 1m to avoid any close contact


Cello lessons

We will sit at opposite ends of the room (a distance of 1m+) to avoid any close contact


Up-to-date government guidelines regarding COVID-19 can be found here: