Cello Scales – Grade 4 Scales, Arpeggios and Dominant 7ths


This page contains a list of which scales/arpeggios etc you need to know for the Grade 4 exam, and also exercises I have put together to help with learning these.

(see below for major scales, the rest will follow shortly)


Major scales

2 octaves, separate bows and slurred 2 beats to a bow

Eb, F, A, Bb

Here is a pdf (sheet music) of the major scales for Grade 4.  You have the choice to play these either:


The following is a bundle of exercises that I have put together for learning major scales.  They include an exercise for each octave of the scale individually, and a piano accompaniment for each key (keep scrolling for mp3 recordings of the piano accompaniments):

Grade 4 major scales exercises – bundle


I recommend that after playing each exercise you play the 1 octave scale (either even notes or with a long tonic):

  1. Separate bows
  2. Slurred, 1 beat to a bow
  3. Slurred, 2 beats to a bow


Piano accompaniments (mp3 recordings): (**coming soon**)

Eb major

F major

A major

Bb major

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